Melania de Leyva was born in 1988 in Venice.

The love for design comes at a young age, supported by a lively imagination that has always identified her.
Her early drawings are a reflection of a curious and inquiring mind, able to arouse attention since the first exhibitions to the public.
Over the years she moves away from the dreamy world of illustrations, starting to explore photography looking for a new way of representing reality.
Her portraits are capable of transmitting an idea of beauty which is never ordinary. They surprise, revealing a unique talent in capturing the essence of the subject photographed.

But life is change, and Art craves every means of expression. Here come to light the first art installations, which have the virtue of allowing De Leyva’ s use of space in its three-dimensional shape, thus the freedom to create a work without bonding it to the search of its conceptual feature.

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