Yulia Nefedova is celebrated for her playful critiques of consumer culture, her canny explorations of sexuality and gender themes, and her systematic experimentation with X-rated graphics, droll drawings and cryptic doodles.

The female bod — what is incorporated into it and how it is represented — is at the center of Yulia’s eye-popping oeuvre. She tackles, among other things, themes like our take on sex, the status of women in society, fantasy, and self-expression.

She is in a wanton way querying the function of symbols and their meaning in relationship to art and the social meaning of fashion, identity, and all kinds of psychological foibles. The woman is both mythical and modern, a doubled-edged depiction of threat, seduction, subversion and sass all at once.


Yulia’s sexed up, socio-political-pop references are always packaged in a poetic, pretty, porn-y, paradoxical and provocative form — often with a cheeky and ironic undertone — while pushing gender boundaries to the max and flecked with a fetishistic flair.

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