Vanja Đurić aka Apnovapno is an Artist from city Pula, Croatia (small city of 50000 people on south of Istrian peninsula) and currently 29 years old.
Never attended any art school (went to grammar school) but found love for drawing and skateboarding during his high school ages.
He like to consider himself self-taught, even though his grandad was into painting and art collection so absorbing started really early since he used to stay with him often as a kid.
After high school he went to study psychology in a bit bigger town nearby called Rijeka, dropped out after several years but finished several courses back home (non related to arts/ languages, business running, history, tourism etc.)
Lived in Berlin during 2014/15 working as a tour guide and after returning home from that Art metropolis he’ve found sudden urge to draw, paint, play guitar, skate and take long walk in the woods and take photographs (just with his phone) in other words to isolate and get to know himself/express himself.
Last two years were really great, progression wise, had two exhibitions in his hometown, one was independent and other one was Media Mediterranea held this august with other european digital artists.
Love Instagram, helped him a lot as well.
On instagram you can find him under pseudonym apnovapno which is sort of a nickname amongst his skate chaps, it kind of stuck on his profile since his full name was occupied.
Not really a big fan of social networks but this concept suited well and kind of became an addiction. Found many great artists and eye openers on there, like petitesluxures, african_ginger,, broken_isnt_bad, regards_coupables and many more.
All tough he do not know this people he can’t help but feel connected to them since they share similar art views and ideas.
Currently he work in a small alternative coffee shop in Pula and on free time illustrate or sketch ideas, people, sex poses, objects, anything that comes to mind, oh yeah and play his guitar at least 5min a day.
Most of his illustrations are made on Ipad pro with a program called ProCreate, edited in Enlight and if he make short gifs or clips than use Pinnacle.
In near future he hope to evolve in different styles, read more books, maybe attend art academy if an opportunity comes.

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