Petite Bohème is a french illustrator, who exercises her art from Paris.
Awarded in graphic conception and to artistic direction at school EPSAAVP (École Professionnelle Supérieure d’Arts et d’Architecture de la ville de Paris). She worked at first in diverse agencies of communication and multimedia before going to graphic designer’s course freelance. Opened to all the creation’s jobs and the touch in quite convinced, she always drew her inspiration from the emerging flows, of design, fashion and musical. Pushing her graphics style beyond the automatism’s, she always made it a rule to be renewed to exceed her own zones of comfort.
For only 2 years, she maintains her passion of the pure drawing and feeds her appetite of images, by illustrating on any support, her vision of Anchored in his time. «Bohème» (boho) in its quest of freedom and «petite”(small) by its desires for lightness, her signs continuously uncountable series of women’s illustrations, in portraits, in attitudes, in intentions, those who live their femininity, assumed. Sometimes harmless, sometimes of an erotic franchise without concessions, Petite Bohème titillates the cursors of its emotion and pushes aside the senses of those who observe it re-transcribing the language of the body.

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